We offer restorative dental services to those who have sustained damaged to their teeth and mouth and are looking to regain a healthy smile. Restorative care can be used to treat common issues such as cavities or more significant ones like missing a tooth. The restorative treatments we offer at Louisiana Dental Center include:

Restorative dentistry is a field of oral health care dedicated to restoring the health, function and appearance of teeth that have been affected by trauma, tooth loss or decay. We can determine which restorative services are right for you after performing an oral examination during your initial consultation. This may include or require X-rays if our dentists need to take a deeper look at your dental health. We will then discuss our findings and explain your treatment options, ensuring that you understand the benefits of each option to make an informed decision. No matter which treatment you choose, it will effectively meet your oral health needs and leave you feeling confident when you smile, speak and eat.

To receive your customized treatment plan that can help you attain a healthy, functional and natural-looking smile, reach out to us at 225-478-8484! We look forward to improving your oral health with restorative dentistry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.