Complete and partial dentures are often an immediate solution for those missing any number of teeth. This oral appliance has prosthetic, natural-looking teeth secured to it that fit directly into the gap(s) left by missing dentition. We often recommend this treatment as a way of improving a patient’s ability to speak, eat and smile with confidence. As a result, dentures tremendously improve their quality of life.

We offer two kinds of dentures at Louisiana Dental Center: complete dentures and partial dentures. The first step in restoring your smile is to meet with our dentists to determine which kind best fits your needs. A complete denture replaces an entire arch of teeth, giving you a totally symmetrical smile. It can be placed on the top arch, bottom arch or both. A partial denture is often recommended for those who have lost some teeth but still have healthy teeth remaining. The partial denture has clasps that attach to your teeth and keep it secure.

To ensure your denture fits and functions properly, you will need to visit our office multiple times. You will also receive regular maintenance and care from our team so that your dentures continue to work properly. Contact us at 225-478-8484 if you want more information about dentures in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.