An infected, damaged or inflamed tooth can create an opportunity for deeper internal decay to occur. For this reason, our dentists may recommend a root canal therapy to remove the infection or damaged tissue and restore your tooth’s health. Root canal treatments allow you to keep your natural tooth, making them a preferred alternative to having an extraction.

Root canal therapy is one of the most well-known endodontic services available. It is used when a dental injury or infection reaches past the layers of tooth enamel and begins to damage a tooth’s dental pulp (nerves). Root canal therapy is typically the only treatment that can save a tooth with internal decay. When getting a root canal therapy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our professional and experienced team will gently access your tooth’s inner layers to remove damaged tissues and infection. After this, the tooth will be filled with a medicated material and covered with a restoration (usually a dental crown). The restoration completes your treatment and returns your tooth to its original shape and structure.

We use treatment techniques at Louisiana Dental Center to make sure our patients experience little to no discomfort during this treatment. To learn more about a root canal therapy, please reach out to us at 225-478-8484.